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Kafie 1901 to Undergo Rebrand & Introduces New Series L Natural

August 30, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

With their move to La Aurora Cigars Factory, Kafie 1901 company has decided to undergo a total rebranding of their four core lines as well as add their new Kafie 1901 Serie L Natural.

  • Kafie 1901 DF Maduro (Released in 2013)

  • Kafie 1901 Connecticut (Released in 2014)

  • Kafie 1901 Sumatra (Released in 2015)

  • Kafie 1901 San Andres (Released in 2016)

  • Kafie 1901 Serie L Natural (To be released next month).

Over the past two years, Gaby Kafie has been working on a very special project. The Kafie 1901 Serie L Natural. In November of 2021, Kafie closed his factory Tabacalera G. Kafie y Cia in Danli, Honduras and moved all cigar production to La Aurora S.A. in order to be able to continue to work on what he calls dream blends. According to Kafie, the holy grail of all blends is a good “puro”.

Kafie 1901’s newest blend, Serie L Natural, was created to commemorate Dr. Gaby Kafie’s 50th birthday, and decade long investment in the premium cigar industry. Since their inception, Kafie 1901 has been focused on making blends which feature tobaccos from many countries. The Kafie 1901 Serie L Natural is a Dominican Puro, a blend which was made possible through the guidance of La Aurora’s master blender Mr. Manuel Inoa.

“This is a cigar that I have been wanting to make for over five years, it has finally come to life and such a quality blend was only possible in the Dominican Republic. This will be a permanent addition to the Kafie 1901 Cigars portfolio. The Kafie 1901 Premium Cigar Core line now consists of five blends, each unique in their own way.” says Dr. Kafie.

The wrapper of the Kafie 1901 Serie L Natural is a five-year aged Corojo from the Cibao Valley, the binder and filler are also comprised of tobaccos from the Cibao Valley in the Dominican Republic. The cigar is medium to full bodied, complex, and has perfect balance throughout. Flavor notes impart wood, leather, notes of almond, honey, floral notes, sweet but with an undertone of bitter cocoa elegance.

This cigar, as with the entire core line, will come in Cuban-style dress-style boxes which features the newly redesigned Kafie 1901 branding. The cigar box is adorned with images of Gaby Kafie’s grandparents Don Shucri and Doña Regina Kafie tracing their roots to Central America and Honduras dating back to 1901.

“Our story is one of immigrants, in search of the finest places, people, talent, and raw materials. 120 years later I find myself in the same quest, however very focused on tobacco. The ship featured on the artwork is a steam ship named the Athenas that used to travel from England to New York and then to Central America during that era. Our brand tells a real story about the Kafie family. A story which continues to this day and I am extremely proud to represent.” says Kafie.

All of Kafie 1901’s cigars are now being made at La Aurora Cigars Factory. Each cigar box will come stamped with the factory logo on the bottom for identification purposes. Furthermore, each cigar box seal will include the Pro-Cigar Festival participating factory seal which is a tamper-proof sticker that contains a specific serial number for each box. Kafie 1901 currently exports to forty-six countries, and this will guarantee their distribution partners will receive authentic Kafie 1901 Cigars.

Initial offerings for the Kafie 1901 Serie L Natural will be available in boxes of twenty:

  • Robusto 5 x 50 – MSRP $9.50

  • Toro 5.75 x 54 – MSRP $11.00

This winter Kafie 1901 will be launching three other sizes, also in twenty-count boxes:

Belicoso 6.25 x 52 – MSRP $11.00

Churchill 7 x 47 – MSRP $12.50

Gran Toro 6 x 58 – MSRP $12.50

The first shipment is set to arrive September 15, 2022. Kafie 1901 expects to start shipping orders the following week.

“This is the first of many projects we have with La Aurora Cigars Factory. Our other core lines will also be arriving at the same time as the Kafie 1901 Serie L Natural.” says Kafie.

Initial offerings will be in Robusto and Toro and pricing across all lines will range from MSRP $9.50 – $15.50.

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