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Joya de Nicaragua Announces Power Play Sling Puck

July 9, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



Playing has been shown to releases endorphins, improve brain functionality – and to stimulate creativity. And just because you are no longer a child, doesn’t mean you can’t benefit.

Joya De Nicaragua recognizes the role that their cigars have in adult play; JDN cigars are often called calming, contemplative, fun, and even stress-relieving. So, the country’s first cigar factory now invites you to a whole new gaming experience to enjoy alongside one of its famed cigars.

Encased in a specially-designed 20-count cigar box, the Antaño Power Play Sling Puck includes a thoughtfully created selection of two opposing teams from the revered Antaño family. The 10 Antaño Gran Reserva GT20 6×54 Gran Toro and the 10 Antaño CT Toro 5×50 each offer an extraordinary smoking journey and an exploration of flavors to delight the senses. But that’s not all; the Antaño Power Play box also ingeniously transforms into a dynamic playing surface for intense matches of skill and strategy.

“Building on the success of Antaño Shut the Box, we learned that cigar enthusiasts are keen to combine their cigars with fun,” says JDN Executive President, Juan Martinez. “This time we’ve merged the profiles of their favorite Nicaraguan puros into one game, teasing their tastebuds with contrasting flavors.”

Antaño Power Play Sling Puck demands precision and finesse as you use the built-in elastic band mechanism to propel pucks towards your opponent’s goal – all the while fiercely protecting your own. The friendly competition requires focus, agility and camaraderie to bring cigar smoking amigos together.

The Antaño Power Play Sling Puck Box is a collector’s dream, with only 1,400 exclusive boxes produced for U.S. market and just 600 boxes allocated for the rest of the world. The innovative new packaging has been developed in collaboration with HumidifGroup.

“It has been an absolute joy to collaborate with Nicaragua’s oldest cigar manufacturer,” says Pedro Balgañon, CEO and owner of HumidifGroup. “This project brings our smart packaging to life, driving innovation in the cigar industry, while honoring the legacy and rich history of this cherished tradition.”

Antaño Power Play Sling Puck, priced at $255.75 per box, will be an exclusive collectible available for a limited time. It will make its debut this July at the PCA Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, catering to all U.S. retailers. It will also be showcased at InterTabac in Dortmund in September 2023. It will begin shipping to stores in September 2023.

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