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HumidifGroup Develops Joya De Nicaragua’s New Antaño Power Play Sling Puck Game

July 19, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



HumidifGroup and Joya De Nicaragua are proud to release an extraordinary project that combines the pleasures of cigar smoking with the excitement of a captivating game. The new custom designed JDN cigar box, Antaño Power Play Sling Puck, delivers a one-of-a-kind experience and creates unique “JDN Moments” for cigar enthusiasts.

The centerpiece of this project is the meticulously crafted custom wooden box developed by Cigar Box Factory Esteli, Nicaragua. The specially designed 20-count cigar box accommodates 10 Antaño Gran Reserva GT20 6×54 Gran Toro and 10 Antaño CT Toro 6×50. Each box features a personalized exterior, showcasing two unique tones that represent the respective lines of the Antaño cigars. The red side of the box features an NFC tag powered by the innovative HGTag platform, allowing players to transport their experience into a digital one by simply placing their smartphone near the tag.

The exterior graphics are made of black and gold silkscreen print, adding a touch of elegance to the box. Inside, the packaging is designed with removable solid wood pieces to hold each row of cigars, while a custom EVA foam insert keeps the cigars secure. Additionally, the foam insert contains personalized accessories necessary to play the Sling Puck game. The interior bases of the box showcase gold and red screen-printed graphics, symbolizing the Antaño cigar line.

Gleida Sandino, Product and Trade Marketing Coordinator of Joya De Nicaragua who oversaw the project, expressed her excitement about it. “This playful edition beyond giving you great cigars, allows you to create great memories with your Amigos. It’s been an amazing experience to have worked on this limited edition with HumidifGroup. They are innovating packaging in the cigar industry, and we are happy to be part of it. Now it’s time to play!”

The accompanying sling puck game adds a new dimension of entertainment to the cigar-smoking experience. Players can choose their teams and compete to sling all five pucks through the goal and to the opposite side. The game enhances social interactions and adds a playful element to cigar aficionados’ gatherings.

To further enrich the experience, Joya De Nicaragua has incorporated a digital component powered by the HGTag Platform. By tapping the red Joya logo outside the box, users can share their “JDN Moment” on social media, engaging with Joya De Nicaragua’s vibrant community. The digital experience includes product authentication, age verification, product description, social media engagement, and a captivating video experience. This integration of HGTag Smart Technology seamlessly extends the consumer’s journey into the digital realm, ensuring a unique experience.

Pierre Jebian, Director of HumidifGroup USA, the visionary mind behind the project, expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with Joya De Nicaragua’s exceptional team. 

“Working on this project has been truly exciting,” he said. “Joya De Nicaragua’s unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality in the industry is evident in every detail. This project encapsulates the essence of a true ‘JDN Moment.’ We are thrilled for enthusiasts to create new JDN Moments while enjoying this unique game and incredible cigars.”

The Antaño Power Play Sling Puck game set and the innovative digital experience will undoubtedly captivate cigar connoisseurs seeking unforgettable moments and a fusion of tradition and entertainment. Discover the joy of a “JDN Moment” with Joya De Nicaragua and HGTag.

Cristhian Lanzas, Communications and Consumer Engagement Coordinator for Joya de Nicaragua expressed his enthusiasm for the outcome of the project at this year’s Premium Cigar Association event in Las Vegas, NV. “We were honored to present Antaño Power Play Sling Puck at PCA 2023,” he said. The acceptance was phenomenal. People loved to see cigars that they already know and enjoy in a new presentation, they played, scanned the HGTag, and lived the whole experience. This is the center of attention piece that every cigar shop, cigar lounge, and cigar aficionado home should have!”

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