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Hiram & Solomon Moves Production to PDR Cigars Factory

June 19, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

Hiram and Solomon announced yesterday that they will be moving their cigar production to the esteemed PDR Cigars factory in Tamboril, Dominican Republic, led by Master Blender Abe Flores. In 2021 Hiram and Solomon owners, Fouad & Romy Kashouty began working with Abe Flores to create new blends and forging a business relationship that allows for streamlined production and distribution channels via the PDR factory. Hiram & Solomon has said that their blends will remain the same.

In the new agreement, PDR will produce the full line of Hiram & Solomon cigars:

  • Entered Apprentice

  • Fellow Craft

  • Master Mason

  • Veiled Prophet

  • Traveling Man

  • Shriner

  • Grand Architect

  • 300th Anniversary

  • Unity

The PDR factory is one of the most modern boutique cigar facilities in the world. It uses the most skilled rollers, employing not only the highest quality leaf, but also the Cuban tradition of “Entubado”, a method of bunching that results in a better and more consistent draw. No other info is available at this time, but more will most likely follow when we catch up with Fouad and Romy at the 2022 PCA Trade Show.

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