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Final Tatuaje Anarchy NFT Sells for $82,001 to Alexander Martinez

September 2, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco

The final Tatuaje Anarchy NFT has sold for $82,001 to Alexander Martinez, owner of Mane Street Cigars and the owner of LFD Golden NFT #1 and NFT #2. The first NFT sold for $100,000 to a user named “GoldenFinger” who is rumored to be Jeff Borsiewicz of Corona Cigar Co. Below is a current list of what has sold, to who and of show much so far. The seventh NFT is not being sold and will be kept by Abe Dababneh at Smoke Inn Boynton Beach, Florida. The auction page for the sixth NFT can be seen here.

The sales prices kept steady after the sale of NFT #2. These didn’t out sell the LFD Golden NFT prices but still made some serious money. The final total was $503,461, missing the LFD total by $111,318. Keep in mind that the seventh NFT will not be sold and therefore can’t add to the total. Now the question is, who does it next?

  • NFT #1: GoldenFinger – Winning Bid: $100,000
  • NFT #2: Robert Petrie ( – Winning Bid: $76,001
  • NFT #3: Jay Davis (Blue Smoke of Dallas) – Winning Bid – $81,778
  • NFT #4: Danny Ditkowich (Tobacco Plaza) – Winning Bid: $81,180
  • NFT #5: “Beta” – Winning Bid: $82,501
  • NFT #6: Alexander Martinez (Mane Street Cigars) – Winning Bid – $82,001
  • NFT#7: Abe Dababneh (Smoke Inn) – Winning Bid: None
  • Final Total: $503,461

Last year we saw La Flor Dominicana cash in for $614,779 in their Golden NFTs which were the first cigar NFTs to include the rights to purchase cigars as well as a numbered humidor and an actual Non-Fungible Token. The first one was reasonably high then the next few dipped before climbing back up to the highest amount for the final one. That pattern almost took place here but flatlined its consistency with NFTs three through six. Overtime wasn’t as long with these after the first one, we a lot more overtime bidding with last years auctions. Any bid placed within the final ten minutes extends the bidding time by ten more minutes.

To follow along with the auctions, click here.

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