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Ferio Tego to Launch in October

August 25, 2021 By Matthew Tabacco

Exterior of humidor

Ferio Tego has officially announced the launch of the Ferio Tego brand of premium cigars with a pair of 2021 limited releases.  Both blends are offered in a 6″ x 50 toro format, packed in custom travel humidors of ten cigars each.  The humidors, hand made by Humidif Group’s Cigar Box Factory in Esteli, come preloaded with the company’s Gelly Humidity Control packs to ensure the cigars are properly maintained after they are acquired. We had previewed these humidors at the 2021 Premium Cigar Association Trade Show.

Ferio Tego Elegancia made by Quesada

The 2021 Ferio Tego Elegancia is manufactured in Licey, Dominican Republic with the Quesada family.  The blend features an Ecuadorian wrapper, over a Dominican binder, and fillers from Nicaragua and Dominican Republic.  

Ferio Tego Generoso

The 2021 Ferio Tego Generoso is manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua with the Plasencia family.  The blend features a Honduran shade-grown wrapper, over a Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan fillers.

“Our 2021 Ferio Tego offerings are quite different from one another in style and pedigree, yet both share a commonality of balance and body”, shared Michael Herklots, co-owner of Ferio Tego LLC.  “A mild cigar need not be thin on the palate nor flavor deficient, and a bolder cigar does not need to be ferocious and aggressive.  We worked very hard together with the factories to achieve a full-bodied mouth feel and presence across both blends in order to establish a “house style’ so to speak, while still preserving the elegant expression of creamier brighter notes of Elegancia, and the generous presentation of dense savory notes of Generoso.  Both blends stand on their own much the way a winery offers a Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon together.”

The initial offer for 2021 Ferio Tego is currently being sent to retailers.  The cigars are expected to arrive in stores the first week of October.  Due to the extremely limited production of the 2021 inaugural release, inventory will be allocated.  The 2022 release is in pre-production and will have much greater availability, though still limited in production. Exact quantities will not be announced.  Ferio Tego 2021 will be offered at an MSRP of $210 per humidor of ten cigars.

Some felt that this was too high of a price for a brand launch, Michael had other thoughts and has full confidence in his brand and the value it is going to bring.

In a statement to Smokin Tabacco, Herklots said:

“I’m confident in our products. I’ve spent my career serving customers at retail. I’ve sold cigars from $2 each to hundred of dollars each. I’ve spent ten years developing products. This is a unique proposition both in style and in utility of packaging. I would also say gauging the value of something without having experienced it strikes me as incredibly premature.”

“We have worked very methodically these last several months, carefully considering every decision, ensuring that we are on solid ground before taking another step”, said Brendon Scott, co-owner of Ferio Tego LLC.  “We are excited to finally launch Ferio Tego in the U.S. and bring these wonderful new offerings to market.  And we are equally excited for the relaunch of Timeless and Metropolitan in the coming months.”

Ferio Tego is distributed exclusively by Davidoff of Geneva USA in the United States and its territories.  

About Ferio Tego

Ferio Tego, LLC is a premium cigar and accessories company launched in 2021 by Michael Herklots, former Vice President of Nat Sherman International, LLC and Brendon Scott, former Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Nat Sherman, LLC.  In addition to their flagship Ferio Tego brand, the company also owns the Metropolitan, Timeless, and Epoca brands of premium cigars as well as the Ancora accessories brand all formerly owned and distributed by Nat Sherman International, LLC.


FERIO TEGO is the Herklots family motto, found on the family’s coat of arms. While there are many interpretations and translations for this phrase, “Ferio Tego” loosely translates to “Strike and Defend.” 


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