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El Septimo Announces New Lounge Location with The Vault

April 8, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco

El Septimo continues with its progress in branding more retail centers than anyone else, in just the last 12 months. El Septimo has announced a joint cooperation with The Vault to brand their new flagship location into an El Septimo Lounge.  This will be The Vault’s newest Flagship location with a newly decorated Cigar Bar & Lounge.  The lounge is located at 140 E Idaho Ave, Eagle, ID 83642. The owner and the President of The Vault is Joshua Evarts.

“In a short period of time, El Septimo has established itself as one of the leaders in the UltraPremium cigar industry.  It is truly an honor for us to have so many new and established retailers believe and trusting in the El Septimo Geneva brand. The Vault is one of El Septimo’s newest and largest premium cigar retailers in Idaho.  They have been very successful in selling El Septimo cigars and accessories over the last year. They know our cigars very well, and they sell more El Septimo cigars than any other brand in their humidor. This agreement to rename their Flagship store into an El Septimo Lounge is another testament as to how well our cigars have been recieved by their customers,” says Zaya Younan, CEO of El Septimo. 

I remember trying my first El Septimo cigar over a year ago and I told myself, wow, what is this? As I kept trying more from their product line, I became converted to this powerful brand that has over 40 blends of cigars, and some of the world’s most luxurious cigar accessories.  We have experienced success from the first day we started carrying this brand, and our customers love the products. This is a very innovative company that continues to come up with exciting and powerful products that we have not seen in the industry.  They have completely elevated the industry and smoking experience, and so we definitely need to be a part of their growth,” says Joshua Evart.

Younan finishes, “For the short time we been in the U.S., more retailers have converted their lounges to El Septimo than any other brand of cigars, and by end of this year, there will be more lounges named El Septimo than any other brand in the world.  This is a significant milestone to establish ourselves as the world leader in the Premium Cigar Industry.” 

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