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E.P. Carrillo Introduces the Escapade — Created With Consumer Feedback To Reach New Cigar Smokers

November 1, 2023 By Nicole Tabacco

E.P. Carrillo unveils its latest cigar blend, Escapade, created through direct consumer feedback and set to be voted into a limited 2024 production run.

Through several live Zoom sessions with Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, the owners listened to what consumers were seeking in a new cigar. The result is a three-cigar pack designed for fans to try and vote on their favorite blend to go into a limited 2024 production run. 

Ernesto Perez-Carrillo took the feedback seriously, stepping outside his usual blending methods to create a toro (6 x 52) cigar suitable for beginners yet complex enough for seasoned smokers. In each Escapade pack, consumers will find three crafted cigars: one wearing a Nicaragua Corojo 99 wrapper, another an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, and the third an Ecuador Habano wrapper. Though each wrapper brings its own reputation, all contribute to the pack’s core mission: offering a diverse, engaging experience without intimidating those new to the cigar world.

The packaging itself is designed to draw the eye and spark movement. With its inviting and modern look, the Escapade pack aims to appeal not just to seasoned aficionados but also to those who are contemplating their first steps into the world of cigars. It’s an invitation, loud and clear, to “Take the Leap.” 

For those interested in obtaining a pack, you can attend any E.P. Carrillo Escapade event between November 1st and December 31st, and purchase a box of cigars to automatically receive the 3 pack. For those not able to attend events, they can send a photo of a box purchase receipt of any E.P. Carrillo cigars to purchased between November 1st and December 31st 2023. The company will then mail out the Escapade 3-pack while supplies last. Inside each pack is a QR code, allowing consumers to vote for their favorite blend. There will be 1000 3 packs released. The most popular blend will be made into a 1,000-box limited edition release in 2024. 

Adding to the consumer-focused approach of the Escapade launch, Lissette Perez-Carrillo will be hosting additional Zoom sessions to connect directly with consumers. These sessions aim to learn about their own cigar journey, by focusing on the experiences that led consumers to their first cigar, E.P. Carrillo aims to market Escapade effectively to those considering entering the cigar world.

The Escapade project serves as an open invitation for everyone to actively participate in shaping the future of E.P. Carrillo cigars. This is more than just a product launch; it’s a part of E.P. Carrillo’s brand strategy, reflecting the company’s commitment to staying connected and responsive to its consumers.

“I was excited to work on these blends because I felt challenged to create a mild cigar that perhaps I am not known for. I kept in mind what beginning smokers are looking for in a cigar, while at the same time staying true to the complexity our current smokers enjoy, to offer them an alternative to our regular lines.” said Ernesto Perez-Carrillo.

“The E.P. Carrillo Escapade has been such a fun project. We anticipate that new smokers and seasoned smokers alike will enjoy these blends. We have made it a priority to listen and engage with consumers to elevate their smoking experience.” said Lissette Perez-Carrillo.

Please check in with your local E.P. Carrillo cigar shop to see when they will be hosting an Escapade event.

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