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Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Announces PCA Releases

April 15, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



Today, Steve Saka, Owner and Founder of Dubarton Tobacco and Trust made several announcements on Facebook. These were mostly about what DTT plans to release at the 2023 Premium Cigar Association Trade Show in July.

One of those was the news that the Red Meat Lovers Club cigars will be getting a national release. This cigar was first released in 2019 as a Smoke Inn exclusive. Steve announced this will be going national as well as adding two new sizes, Filet Mignon (5 x 54) and Porterhouse (6 x 60), along with it. Only the two new sizes, the 6 x 48 Beef Stick and the 6 x 52 toro are going to be available nationally. The original 6 x 56 toro gordo will not get a national release. These will all be available in ten count boxes and are expected to arrive by July/August 2023.

Steve mentioned that the next size in the Mi Querida Black line will be made available at the show. This cigar is being called the “Papa Saka” and measures 5 5/8 x 48. At last year’s show, we saw the first Mi Querida Black make its debut in the “SakaKhan”, measuring in at 7 1/4 x 54. The Papa Saka MQB will be an ongoing yet limited production like the SakaKhan before it. In addition to this, Steve said that a Mi Querida Black Unicorn will be made albeit in a very small quantity that he claims is between a total production of 150 – 200 units. Both available in ten count boxes and are expected by July/August 2023.

Next, Steve announced that the Polpetta, which was previously used as an event only cigar will be “replaced” with the PataPerro (4 x 48) which Steve says will also be an event only cigar and will be made available to all purveyors at PCA.

We have already seen some of the next Muestra de Saka cigars being called “Krakatoa” and Steve showed these at TPE 2023. These will be made available at PCA 2023 and like those before it, will also come in seven count boxes of individual coffins. The Krakatoa measures 6 x 48 and will first be available in September 2023 which Steve says is already sold out but orders for future availability is going to be available.

We will also be seeing the next iteration of the Still Well Star with a follow up to the 2022 blend called Holiday Y2022 with the Y2023. These will be available in one size, 6 x 52, and will come in 13 count boxes.

Lastly, Steve mentioned that he will also release a Sobremesa Brulee Blue Unicorn which like the MQB Unicorn, is also expected to be around 150 – 200 units and will be a very limited production. The Sobremesa Unicorns will be 6 1/4 x 60 and will come in cabinets of ten coffins. Steve also teased that he is working on a release for 2024 that he called an “Archive Series” – something from the past he is looking to make again but said he isnt sure which cigar he wants to reprise yet. Stay tuned for more updates and all of our coverage from PCA 2023 later this summer.

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