Drew Estate to Return to PCA Trade Show in 2024

June 20, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



With the PCA 2023 only a few weeks away and rumors already swirling, Drew Estate announced today that they will return to the coveted PCA trade show in March 2024. Here is the statement below:

To Our Trusted and Valued Trade Partners: Drew Estate is excited to announce its return to the PCA trade show in March 2024.  
Heading back to the Premium Cigar Association trade show in 2024 means the world to us. We sincerely treasure the face-to-face time we have together to listen, learn, break bread and smoke sticks with so many of our industry colleagues.  And, we always enjoy engaging in commerce and having a ton of fun in Vegas with you, whether it’s burning new releases, hitting the circle bar in the evening, or attempting to do commerce over the music… 
We are returning to PCA 2024 primarily due to two reasons.  First, over past two years, Drew Estate and PCA leadership engaged in numerous mutually beneficial conversations that forged closer alignment in our positions regarding the most important, industry-wide matters that we all face.  This newfound alignment allows the premium cigar industry to better meet the significant challenges together and advocate for the best interests on behalf of consumers, retailers and manufacturers. Second,  the change in dates which slots PCA 2024 to take place in late March rather than July is a valuable change which more strongly aligns with the natural cadence of our industry’s business cycle.
For over 25-years, the diverse cast of characters at Drew Estate cherished every moment at the show sharing in the love and passion that the world of premium cigars enjoys during this special time each year.  Drew Estate has always felt proud to stand as a beacon of raw energy and emotion at the show, stimulating curiosity, wonderment, and sometimes even a bit of controversy as we unapologetically tore the place up with sneaker convention-like booths, classic donks sitting on 30 inch rims, and even the Manhattan Bridge, which suddenly landed on the show floor a few years back.  We look forward to renewing these moments with you and we are going do something super-fresh for 2024 to celebrate being back together, so stay tuned.
Additionally, and as we recently announced, Drew Estate is continuing its strong support for the TPE trade show moving forward.  Both the TPE and PCA trade shows deliver unique value to our wide-ranging and far-reaching retailer audiences, and we look forward to joining our industry partners at both events in 2024. The premium cigar culture is profoundly unique, and we cherish our time at the each of these shows where we learn more and become a most valued partner to our clients, big or small, domestic and international.

David Lazarus                                                                                           Jonathan Drew
Senior Vice President, Sales                                                                President and CMO

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