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Dissident Cigars Donates Land To Support Nicaraguan Animal Rescue Center

December 20, 2023 By Nicole Tabacco
Woman petting dogs at Nicaraguan Animal Rescue

Dissident Cigars owner Cynn Coburn is pleased to announce that Dissident Cigars has donated land near San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, designated for the construction of Nicaragua’s first ever of its kind Animal Rescue Center. The current SOS Animales Nicaragua veterinary clinic and shelter is simply out of room and is frequently forced to turn away animals in need. 

Coburn, a lifelong animal lover, discovered SOS Animales Nicaragua in 2021 when the Coburns chose to make a long term family vacation in San Juan Del Sur. Nicaragua is also home to Fabrica Oveja Negra, the cigar factory, where Dissident’s cigars are made. Coburn and her husband Joshua had purchased land near San Juan del Sur with the intent of building a home. However, after identifying a need with SOS Animales Nicaragua, the Coburns elected to gift that land for the construction of the Animal Rescue Center.

“Making Nicaragua our second home was a family/business decision for my husband and I,” said Coburn. “However, we had no idea how quickly we’d fall in love with Nicaragua on a personal level. We immediately fell in love with the people, the culture and yes, the animals. Nicaragua is where our hearts reside, and we believe that it’s important to invest in all aspects of the culture.” 

Now that SOS Animales has secured the land to build the new Animal Rescue Center, it has launched GoFundMe in hopes of raising the $300,000 that is estimated to construct the facility which consists of multiple units for animals in need.  

“Cynn and her husband have been tremendous supporters of SOS Animales Nicaragua,” said Delaney Griffin, Founder & Director of SOS Animales. “Not only have they made this incredibly generous land donation, but they have also supported us with donations, their time, services, and numerous animal adoptions, as well as fostering sick and injured animals at their home.  We need more people like the Coburns; if people can help, we’d sure appreciate monetary donations via our GoFundMe effort.” 

Those who wish to donate may visit the SOS Animales Rescue Center GoFundMe page. 

About SOS Animales Rescue Center

Founded in 2020 by a small team of animal lovers, SOS Animales Nicaragua came together with the goal of alleviating animal suffering within the community. For the past two years, SOS Animales has worked to achieve this goal by educating owners about correct care, hosting mass sterilization clinics to combat the impacts of dog and cat overpopulation, subsidizing vaccine costs for families, and establishing the community’s first, full-service veterinary clinic.

About Dissident Cigars

Dissident Cigars is a premium cigar brand focused on the next generation of cigar smokers. Utilizing traditional cigar-making methods, Dissident’s focus is about bringing new and unique blends to market. When complacency becomes the norm, Dissident seeks to innovate. ReVolt from the norm, smoke Dissident! Learn more at

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