Dissident Cigars Announces 101 Proof Bourbon

March 26, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

Dissident Cigars has announced a Limited Release 101 Proof Dissident Bourbon Whiskey. This unique 101 proof DISSIDENT Whiskey is a small batch, single barrel premium Bourbon Whiskey, created at Tenacity Craft in Cynn Coburn’s childhood city of Detroit, Michigan.

“It’s important to stick to my roots of Detroit & Flint, Michigan” Cynn says. “In this case, having a Detroit made Master Distiller & good friend join hands with DISSIDENT, the perfect Bourbon Whiskey was created for us.” 

Robert Klaty, Master Distiller & Owner of Tenacity Craft, used Michigan heirloom corn and a higher Rye content for the DISSIDENT Bourbon Whiskey. Robert states “I think the whiskey works so well because of the heirloom corn and higher than average Rye content for bourbon. 

This event-only 101 Proof small batch Whiskey is signed by Cynn Coburn and will be raffled off during DISSIDENT Cigar events. Attendees of DISSIDENT events will have the opportunity to win a bottle of this small batch DISSIDENT Whiskey. 

Event giveaway requirements: 

Purchase 1 box of DISSIDENT Cigars = 1 entry 

Purchase 2 boxes of DISSIDENT Cigars = 2 entries 

Purchase 3 boxes of DISSIDENT Cigars = 3 entries etc. 

“This is my gift to you. A thank you to the long time DISSIDENT family, the new DISSIDENT fans, and all the supporters who have shown nothing but love since my acquisition of the DISSIDENT brand of cigars.” -Cynn Coburn



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