Davidoff Announces The Year of Collectors Edition Containing All Zodiac Releases

February 9, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
Davidoff Announces The Year of Collectors Edition Containing All Zodiac Releases 12 cigars

After twelve successful yearly launches dedicated to the Chinese zodiac, Davidoff surprises its aficionados and collectors around the world with an extraordinary collection: The Davidoff The Year of Collector’s Edition celebrates the brand’s first completion of a full zodiac cycle with its annual limited editions. The collection of only 100 pieces includes 96 premium handmade cigars, with 8 cigars honouring each limited edition spanning from the Year of the Snake Limited Edition in 2013 to the Year of the Dragon Limited Edition in 2024.

In 2012, Davidoff for the first time launched a limited edition in celebration of a Chinese zodiac sign: The Davidoff Cuveé Selection 2012 inspired by the Year of the Dragon was launched only in Asia and was received with great interest by Asian customers. This led the brand to create a series that would also be available worldwide: In 2013, the Year of the Snake Limited Edition heralded the unprecedented global journey of limited-edition premium cigars as unique as the zodiac signs that inspired them. Davidoff’s Year of the Dragon Limited Edition of 2024 then completed this first entire zodiac cycle. For the creation process, Davidoff used the characteristics of each sign as inspiration for the cigar’s format, its blend and its innovative box.

“Each zodiac sign has its own distinctive and fascinating character traits, which we translated into our packaging design and our cigars’ formats and tasting notes. In the same way that larger zodiac signs such as the Horse, the Ox or the Dragon have led to the creation of generously sized cigars, the Rabbit perfecto cigar discloses its depth and complexity slowly – just like the Rabbit reveals its character gradually”, says Edward Simon, CMO at Oettinger Davidoff. “With these editions, we have been able to offer our aficionados a seamless journey that reflects the zodiac sign from opening the box to enjoying the special cigar. I am thrilled that we can now bring our combined expertise from the past twelve years to a select few in a collection that takes craftsmanship and packaging design to a new level.”

The Davidoff The Year of Collector’s Edition is presented in a striking cabinet consisting of twelve wooden trays and an eye-catching red casing. The square shape of the trays was inspired by Chinese ceremonial rituals such as the tea ceremony. Each tray holds eight cigars of each Limited Edition and is adorned with the gold-engraved zodiac icon, release year and cigar format. An elegant inlay with the Limited Edition’s pattern protects the cigars. While the trays can be taken out individually to be placed in a humidor, the unique look of the twelve trays stacked together is another highlight of the edition, as it immediately evokes associations with the Pagoda, a typical element of Asia’s architectural landscape. To underline the exclusivity of this masterpiece, Davidoff has added a numbered plate with the serial number engraved on the casing.

The Davidoff The Year of Collector’s Edition will be exclusively revealed on Chinese New Year in the Davidoff of Geneva since 1911 flagship stores in Hong Kong, New York City and Geneva.

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