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CTP Director Dr. Brian King Speaks at 2023 TMA Conference

April 19, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco

Today, Mike Copperman, CRA Director of Regulatory and Legislative affairs, attended the 2023 Tobacco Merchants Association’s (TMA) annual meeting.

TMA’s annual gathering, which is held each spring, is an important gathering of stakeholders, and thought leaders dedicated to providing a complete understanding of current tobacco and nicotine issues.

During the course of today’s events,  Dr. Brian King of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) gave a keynote address that highlighted goals and priorities for CTP in the near term.

Many of Dr. King’s comments focused on e-cigarettes and CTP’s ongoing efforts to complete their PMTA applications, and to increase enforcement efforts against unapproved products in that category. His broader remarks also touched on several areas important for the premium cigar industry:

1. He provided an update on FDA’s efforts to restructure in the wake of the critical Reagan-Udall report (RUF). In the coming months, FDA intends to take a series of steps designed to increase transparency, the use of sound science, health equity, and input from the regulated community. For more on these efforts, see our earlier communications on the RUF and FDA’s February action plan.

           – Operational Failings at FDA’s Tobacco Center – What to Know

           – FDA’s Response to RUF Report CRA Statement

2. Dr. King also introduced the recently selected Director of the Office of Science, Dr. Matthew Farrelly. Once Dr. Farrelly has assumed this position, CRA will seek a meeting with him to discuss the science surrounding premium cigars.

3. Dr. King also referred to a forthcoming rule that would set maximum allowable standards for nicotine in tobacco products, a rule that CRA has been monitoring closely for engagement. We anticipate a draft of this document being released in the coming months and will provide more information as appropriate.

Lastly, at today’s meeting, Mike Copperman had a productive conversation with CTP Director King and discussed setting an upcoming meeting between CRA and his office.

TMA 2023 will continue for a second day on Wednesday. CRA will actively engaged in Day 2 of the conference and will provide additional analysis on the conference later this week.

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