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Crowned Heads Announces Las Calaveras 2023

May 26, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



Crowned Heads has announced one of their most anticipated annual releases for 2023, Las Calaveras 2023. This year’s iteration will feature Connecticut Broadleaf for the first time since 2016 and only the second time ever. Once again, Las Calaveras 2023 will be manufactured by MyFather Cigars S.A.

In a press release, Jon Huber, co-founder of Crowned Heads said; “I’ve held MyFather Cigars and the Garcia family in such high regard, especially when it came to use of their Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and the resultant blend expressions. The 2023 Las Calaveras blend has so much going on in terms of what you’d expect from a MyFather broadleaf blend, everything from pepper to chocolate to earth, all impeccably and consistently balanced. We’re also featuring a first in the 2023 Las Calaveras Sampler, as this will be the first time, we’ve produced that vitola with MyFather Cigars.”

Las Calaveras 2023 (EL-23)

  • Origin: Nicaragua

  • Factory: MyFather Cigars S.A.

  • Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

  • Binder: Nicaragua

  • Filler: Nicaragua

  • Total Production: 1,500 Boxes/Size (108,000 cigars)

  • MSRP: $12.95 – $14.95

  • Sizes: LC50 (5 x 50), LC52 (6 x 52), LC54 (5 5/8 x 54), & Belicoso Fino (5 1/2 x 52 – Sampler Exclusive)

Introduced in 2014, Las Calaveras began as a tribute to those who have passed on in the previous year and is intended to be a celebration of life and remembrance, as opposed to a mournful symbol of death or loss. Each year, the Las Calaveras band is adorned with the initials of four individuals who’ve passed the prior year, one set embossed of initials embossed upon each of the four coins on the sides of each band. The cigars are presented in twenty-four count boxes, three rows of eight cigars each, as the number “8′ is a symbol of infinity as in everlasting life, while the three rows represent the beginning, middle and end of the life cycle.

The 2023 Las Calaveras will begin shipping to retailers in June.

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