Crowned Heads & Ace Prime Terminate Distribution Deal

September 16, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco



This morning, in a press release from Miguel Schoedel, Crowned Heads has announced that it will be terminating its exclusive distribution with Ace Prime. This will go into effect on November 1, 2022. The press release also stated that Crowned Heads will continue to fulfill orders to retailers until the termination date.

Concurrently, Ace Prime has said that they are the ones who ended the agreement. In fact, Luciano told Smokin Tabacco that Ace Prime canceled this almost a month ago. Who ended what exactly remains unknown at this time. The other unanswered question is: Who will distribute Ace Prime now? According to Luciano, an announcement will be made next week.

The two companies originally formed this partnership two years ago back in 2020. Under that deal, Crowned Heads would handle not just the distribution but all of the sales of Ace Prime as well. Neither side has given any additional info on this situation.

This is a surprising move for sure, the two companies seem like they were working very well together. Earlier this summer, Miguel was on the Smokin Tabacco Show and spoke highly of the partnership. It will be interesting to learn what caused an abrupt termination as more details become available.

Crowned Heads has had a busy year with several new releases of their own plus they welcomed back Tim Ozgener to the business. Ace Prime launched the new Mas Igneus at the 2022 PCA trade show to coincide with the winery of the same name that Luciano Meirelles co-owns. This is still a developing story and we will provide updates when they are available.

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