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Cigar Review: Powstanie Connecticut Justice

April 11, 2024 By Dee Pitman

Powstanie Cigars has extended their Connecticut line with the addition of the Corona Gorda. This new vitola is named “Justice”,  paying tribute to the middle child of  Mike Szczepankiewicz, co-owner, and master blender of Powstanie. As most of the names of the Powstanie line are purposeful and meaningful, this particular blend was originally created for the birth of his son nine years ago. It was a very limited edition, with only 100 cigars being produced. One could say that was the birth of the blend that would eventually become their Connecticut core line.

Under the Lid

This is a classic, simple, yet elegant looking cigar. The simple use of black and gold overlaying the golden-brown wrapper is striking. The wrapper is smooth and velvety with a matted oily sheen. Small but mighty, the foot reveals a densely pack filler laced with dark brown speckles. The single cap is smooth and well rounded. The appearance of veins and leaf edges are minimal, adding to the elegance of this petit yet solid feeling cigar.

  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade
  • Binder: Pennsylvania Broadleaf
  • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • Vitola: Corona Gorda (5 ½ x 46)
  • Factory: Fabrica de Tabacos Nica Sueno S.A. in Nicaragua
  • Release Date: April 6
  • Number of boxes released: Regular Production
  • MSRP:  $13.50 per cigar (available in Boxes of 21)

I’m interested in what this cigar is going to produce as the expectations of Connecticut cigars has definitely reached a higher bar over the course of the last 10 years. The complexity of Connecticut blends has evolved tremendously since the beginning of 2001 when I began smoking the leaf.

Once I inspect the foot of the cigar to see what aromas I might find, I do a straight cut and test the dry draw. There is mild straw mixed with fresh dough and a nut of some sort that piques my curiosity. After toasting and lighting the cigar, I am ready to see what this cigar produces. The vitola is right up my alley and I’m ready to indulge in some Justice. One note about the name; my father’s middle name was Justice, so I’m particularly enjoying the kismet I feel with this cigar, as he passed in 2017 and this is a little remembrance of him for me.

Performance Notes:

First third: I am met with buttered peanuts mixed with oats during the initial draws. The nutty notes fade fairly quick and there is a cedar base with a buttery mild baking spice. The retro is very pleasant and so far, my favorite part. It leaves a nice finish of a coffee or nut bun with butter on it. Once the cigar finds its groove, it remains there and I find myself doing more retrohales than usual, just so I get more of the flavors.

Second third: There is not much if any transitions so far. The cigar is definitely producing pleasant flavors and the smoke coats my pallet nicely. I am enjoying the finish and the retro as it seems to bring out more of the flavors in this particular cigar. There is very little if any pepper, but the butter and coffee spices, along with cedar undercurrents and toasted buns  makes for a mild yet tasty experience.

Final third: The notes are remaining consistent and steady for this cigar. Progression is minimal, as the core flavors are remaining in the approximate ratios that they were early on. Butter, toasted buns, coffee spices, cedar remain prominent. However, there is a slight sweetness that comes into play, ever so briefly, and I catch a note of sweet cream. There is no real change in complexity or strength as I finish the cigar, but it has been a very pleasant smoking experience.

Core Flavors:  Butter, Cedar, Coffee, Nuts

Strength: Light to Medium

Body: Medium

Complexity: Medium

Smokin Experience: I loved this cigar and yet I wanted more. The vitola is perfect for my preferred smoke. The looks, labeling and feel of the cigar were also superb. I tend to be a smoker who prefers very complex smokes, but I also know that every cigar blend has its place among a diverse cigar smoker population. Having said that, I could and would keep this cigar around to smoke in the morning or after my pallet was worn out from other cigars. It’s a good cigar, solid flavors, great construction, great performance. It just didn’t hit the flavor notes as hard as I wanted. It was there, just not quite enough oomph to get it over the rut it seemed to sit in.  Again, not a bad rut, but just not enough transitions and complexity for me.  As Connecticuts go, this is going to be a winner for many, but for those who have gotten used to the amped up Connies, so to speak, it might feel a bit laid back. I’m not super excited about the price so a box would be difficult to convince me to buy, but I’d definitely keep a few in my stash.

Purchase Recommendation: Grab a Five Pack

Smokin Facts: 

  • The name Powstanie means “uprising” in Polish, showing the thoughtfulness put into the names of their cigars and linking them to their familial heritage. 
  • The Wojtek cigar is named after a bear that the Polish Army found as a cub and raised during WWII. They gave him the name Wojtek meaning “joyful warrior”.

Smokin Wrap

Cigars smoked for the review:  Three

Average smoking time: 65 minutes

Score 88

Diana (Dee) Pitman – Product Reviewer

Dee Pitman

Diana Pitman, known in the cigar world as “Dee” or “The Queen Of Cigars”, was born and raised in southern New Jersey. Her lifelong dream of joining the military became a reality at 43 years young. She served in the US Army Nurse Corps as an ER Nurse and deployed in support missions for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. It was during her military service in 2004 that she first smoked cigars. Upon her Honorable discharge at the rank of Captain in 2010, she continued smoking cigars and it slowly progressed from a coping tool to a hobby, and finally to a passion. She resides in South Jersey with her Service Dog Finn Ezekiel and looks forward to retirement from her position of Director of the Cumberland County Department of Veterans Affairs and traveling the country visiting cigar lounges and her many friends she has made through the cigar lifestyle.

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