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Casa 1910 Introduces the “Soldadera Edition” for TPE 2023

February 20, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



Casa 1910 is proud to announce the launch of its newest line of cigars, the Soldadera Edition, at the TPE Trade Show this week in Las Vegas on February 22-24, 2023.

Inspired by the brave women who fought in the Mexican Revolution, the Soldadera Edition features three unique cigars, each paying homage to a different female fighter. The cigars, named “Sampetrina”, “Teniente Angela” and “La Coronela”, are crafted at Tabacalera LA iSLA in the Dominican Republic using three unique blends of Mexican and Dominican tobaccos.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the Soldadera Edition as our latest offering,” said Casa 1910’s founder, “The cigars in this line are a celebration of the strength, courage, and determination of the women who played a vital role in shaping Mexico’s history.”

The Mexican Revolution would have been impossible without the effort and sacrifice of the Soldaderas. These brave female warriors persevered and refused to be defeated despite their constant condemnation as a result of the ideologies of the time. This line is dedicated to those brave female soldiers, who fought for justice and freedom. Through a delicate selection of the finest tobaccos from Mexico and the Dominican Republic, we have created cigars that embody the fighting spirit of Soldaderas.

There were also the women who accompanied the soldiers in their caravans, dedicating themselves to cook food, serve as nurses and being the last hope for soldiers who were wounded in battle, and if necessary, they would assist fallen guerillas, taking their weapons, and firing at the enemy.

With our new “Soldadera Edition”, Casa 1910 is honoring the immensely brave and powerful women who took part in the Mexican Revolution.


  • Sampetrina – Robusto 5″ x 50

  • La Coronela – Majestuosos 1966 5 1/2″ x 58

  • Teniente Angela – Toro 6″ X 52

The Soldadera Edition will be launched at the TPE Trade Show this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. The cigars will all come in a ten-count box. The cigars will be available for purchase at select retailers after the trade show. Don’t miss the chance to experience the rich flavor and aroma of these cigars that honor the legacy of the Soldaderas.

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