Carlos Alberto Toraño Sr. Passes Away at Age 78

February 16, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

Carlos Alberto Toraño Sr., the former President of the Toraño Family Cigar Company, passed away peacefully in his home this month (February 2022) in Miami, FL. He was 78 years of age. Carlos Toraño Sr. was the third generation of the Toraño tobacco family. He is credited with bringing the Toraño tobacco family to new heights, after relocating to the USA following the Cuban revolution. Toraño Sr.’s storied career earned him many recognitions to include the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Cigar Journal.

Founded in 1916 by Santiago Toraño, the Toraño tobacco family is recognized as one of the oldest tobacco families in the cigar industry. At the age of 16 Carlos Toraño Sr. experienced the nationalization of Cuba in 1959, where his family’s tobacco fields were taken away and were forced to leave the island. The family however continued to seek out the finest quality tobaccos from many countries around the world. After being educated in the United States, Carlos Toraño Sr. joined the family business and followed in his father’s footsteps by continuing the tradition and legacy of his grandfather.

Carlos Toraño Sr. took the family business to new heights as the company boasted factories and tobacco fields in Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Honduras. In 1994 Carlos Toraño Sr. decided it was time for the family to create and distribute their own brand of cigars. Cigar aficionados can recall the Carlos Toraño Signature Series, The Tribute, and the 1959 Exodus as just a few of the many brands created under the Toraño name. 

Evelyn Toraño-Trinidad said: “My husband was a man loved and admired by many. He was always ready to offer a hug, a smile, and advice. A noble man, he was always eager to share his knowledge. As a result, a great deal of people were able to advance successfully in their careers. Carlos was irreplaceable and I miss my best friend deeply.”

In 2012, Carlos A. Toraño Sr. quietly retired from the family business. He enjoyed his retirement years traveling extensively with his wife, Evelyn Toraño-Trinidad. The widowed Evelyn Toraño-Trinidad has planned a private memorial mass in Miami, to celebrate her husband’s extraordinary life. For those interested in contacting Evelyn Toraño-Trinidad you may do so through Gabriel Piñeres of Creativas Group Public Relations at

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