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Blackbird Cigar Co. To Rasie Prices

June 7, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

Today, Blackbird Cigar Co. announced they will be increasing prices in 2022. The company sent out the following memo:

“As we progress and evolve everyday as a company, we a must adapt to current times and the challenges that we face day by day. Regrouping and strategizing are also part of the growth process, it’s part of self-analysis and making sure we can face every hurdle and obstacle with a broader view and better prepared.

The world is still in a current economic shift and as to be expected by a year halt of many operations around the world, we all face many shortages of everyday products, and the cigar industry is no exception to this. Due to many shortages in our industry, prices of our raw materials have more than doubled for many months and we did everything in our power to redistribute these costs, but inflation also has affected many areas of our daily operations.

After carefully analyzing our options, unfortunately we find ourselves in the necessity to increase the prices of our products at this moment. Our products will suffer a price increase that would set MSRP ranges from our smallest Vitola (Corona) at $7.50 per stick to a MSRP of a Doble Toro at $11, before taxes.”

Prices will increase on Monday June 20th, 2022.

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