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Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top Launches Cigar Brands Virtu and Twin Turbo

January 31, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco

Legendary musician and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Billy F Gibbons of ZZ Top is bringing his love of cigars to the mainstream and to collectors worldwide through a partnership with BandKandy to launch his first-ever cigar brands. Iconic for his on-stage enjoyment of a fine cigar, clipped by his roadie and lit just before a solo, Gibbons has long been an aficionado. Gibbons is behind the launch of two BandKandy Cigar products: VIRTU, an ultra-premium cigar line and collectible from the Dominican Republic team behind Debonaire Cigars and Debonaire Rum; and TWIN TURBO, a two-pack rough-cut style cigar brand. Both brands, exclusively distributed by Global Tobacco, will be exhibited by BandKandy at Total Product Expo (TPE24), the premier trade show event for retailers, in Las Vegas, where Gibbons will make a special appearance. 

“I always enjoy seeing what a cigar brings to a party, even better when I’ve had my hands in the craftsmanship of my very own brands. Light up, enjoy, and have mercy, my friends,” said Gibbons. 

As one of the world’s most beloved and iconic artists of all time, Billy Gibbons is known for his lifelong appreciation of art, music, and the artisanry of cigars, his love for collecting, and his pursuit of enjoyment in everything life has to offer. 

Virtu by Billy Gibbons is a reflection of his cultivated passions and experiences, captured in an elevated and ultra premium cigar, developed in the Dominican Republic by Debonaire. These exquisitely crafted cigars sing with heritage and tradition; and, like great music, offer notes and aromas that indelibly mark your palate as a truly memorable tasting smoke. Chosen by a maestro, Virtu by Billy Gibbons ultra premium cigars reflect the same balance, uniqueness, and harmony its creator puts into his music. A select blend of rich premium Caribbean and Dominican tobaccos, expertly handcrafted by the most experienced cigar rollers in the Dominican Republic and combined to create harmony in a truly beautifully finished, superior-quality cigar. From the dark pristine outer Habano and Maduro wrappers, to the flawless smoothened inner binder, Virtu by Billy Gibbons cigar leaves are perfectly cut and rolled around the very best hand-bundled leaves available in the region. These premium, flavorful, whole leaf cigars are made using the ultimate leaf curing practices, expert Cuban-style rolling traditions and extended aging times to perfect a slow-burning cigar. Virtu by Billy Gibbons has a look, smell, and taste that is reminiscent of how a rock n’ roll legend tells a story about his life-long relationship and appeal of smoking cigars.  

Virtu by Billy Gibbons is first available in a high-end humidor collectible, available through retailers, with a select few signed by him to complete a limited-edition 5,000 piece collection. Each numbered cedar humidor features five ultra premium hand-rolled cigars by Debonaire, a custom-designed Zippo that has a companion-number, and exquisite pinstriping artwork akin to the visual pop associated with performance and artistry of custom cars. Billy Gibbons is widely known for his impressive collections, including several iconic cars, guitars, and now, limited-edition humidors. 

Twin Turbo cigars are sourced from hand-selected Dominican Republic leaves that are crafted for the utmost appeal and smoking pleasure with a modern twist, featuring artisanal aromatics that will punctuate every cigar lover’s unique moments. Ensuring the genuine and rustic charms of cigar making with a rough-cut style, combined with a smooth smoking experience, Twin Turbo are certain to allure seasoned aficionados and discerning newcomers alike. The same way a song can transport a listener to another era, the aromatics and sweeping smoking pleasures of Twin Turbo will enchant cigar enthusiasts, whether it’s celebrating a special occasion, unwinding from a long day, or simply savoring the moment. 

Twin Turbo will launch with two cigars in a foil pouch and offer three aromatic profiles: Classic – the quintessential elevated, smooth, and mild smoke; Sweet Spot – to make every draw a serene indulgence with its hints of vanilla, honey, and a whisper of floral undertones; Coko Mojo –  a decadent journey for those who seek intensity and richness with unmistakable chocolate notes, and dark and luxurious aromas. Twin Turbo was developed with the convenience store consumer in mind, our buyer is on the go and seeking a high quality artisanal product. 

“It’s an absolute dream to partner with Billy whose passion comes alive in these cigars, we cannot wait to give fans across the globe the opportunity to authentically engage with Billy and our brands, the team at BandKandy is architecting some pretty mind-blowing experiences ahead,” said BandKandy Co-Founder Joe Fazzio. “And we couldn’t have done it without our best-in-class partners, we have global reach with the premiere distributor Global Tobacco, the ability to tap into collectors worldwide with the ultimate collectible in Zippo, and truly expert craftsmanship and manufacturing from the team at Debonaire, as well as masterful logistics to meet the demands of customers worldwide from our friends at Integrated Connection.”  

Global Tobacco LLC is the exclusive distributor of BandKandy cigars. Integrated Connection, LLC, is an investor in both cigar brands and provides full-service transportation and third-party logistics. The cigars will be exhibited at the Global Tobacco LLC Booth (#13101) at TPE24, a three-day trade show taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 31-Feb 2, 2024. Billy will make a special appearance for BandKandy cigars at the Global Tobacco booth on February 1. 

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