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Austin Borgstede Leaves Micallef Cigars to Join El Septimo

September 13, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco

El Septimo announced today it has hired seasoned Sales Executive, Austin Borgstede, to support its continuous sales growth and expansion throughout US retail centers. Austin has joined El Septimo as Sales Manager of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.   

Zaya Younan, CEO of El Septimo Cigars, says, “The demand for El Septimo Cigars is growing rapidly, especially in the USA. We want to make sure our customers and retailers are fully supported with experienced sales executives that can continue to educate the market about the world’s first ultra-premium cigar company, El Septimo.”

Austin adds, “I joined El Septimo as an opportunity to contribute to the exciting things the brand is doing for the cigar industry. I have never seen a company grow as fast as they have. Their brand is globally recognized, and their cigars are the best in the industry. El Septimo epitomizes what true luxury means, without sacrificing quality when producing quantity.”

Younan finishes, “We welcome Austin Borgstede to our team and are looking forward to his contributions towards this luxury brand of cigars and accessories. We will be announcing other hires, as we believe 2023 will be our biggest growth year yet.”

El Septimo is continuing to look for industry veterans experienced in the areas of sales, customer service, marketing, and production management. They also recently opened up another lounge with the opening of the fourth Corona Cigar Co. location opening in Sarasota, Florida. Zaya Younan was in attendance along with Corona Cigar Co. owner Jeff Borsiewicz for the ceremony.

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