2023 Smokin Tabacco Awards: Airport Selfie Winner

February 4, 2024 By Matthew Tabacco
2023 Smokin Tabacco Awards: 2023 Airport Selfie Contest Winner

In one of our more…less conventional awards, this is a contest that used to belong to Cigar Coop. After William Cooper gave us his blessing, we decided to give it a go in 2023. However, we were disappointed with the turnout from the industry so this will be the only time we run this contest even with a $500 prize attached. To those who did participate and make the attempt, we salute you. To those who didn’t, you can’t win if you don’t play. In addition, many folks didn’t follow the submission rules correctly and/or didn’t use the correct hashtag.

There were some good entries this year from some great people however one winner had to be chosen. We felt that the winner of this contest hit it right since out of pure luck and chance, he just so happened to be booked on the same flight to and from Las Vegas with us. We had never met before, but he noticed our cigar sticker covered equipment case at the terminal at Logan International Airport in Boston and struck up a conversation.

I learned his name was Darren Hill who was the new My Father Cigars rep for the New England area. On the return flight home, while sitting on the tarmac at Harry Reid International in Las Vegas for well over an hour in the 117 degree heat, having witnessed Jose Blanco fat shaming me at baggage claim, and dealing with a flight attendant who’s customer service skills could only be disputed as the worst by Jonathan Carney, it felt like we went through (travel) battle together. He found us on the plane and got us in his submission. How can you beat that? Again, all of this being dumb luck. He is the winner of the first and final Smokin Tabacco Airport Selfie Contest and $500. Congrats to Darren Hill!

Honorable Mentions

Joe Gro

Fred Rewey

How Bout That Cigar – Matt Tye and Justin Lawler

Terence Reily

Juan Cancel

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