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2022 Smokin Tabacco Awards: Factory of the Year – MyFather Cigars S.A.

February 9, 2023 By Matthew Tabacco



In the final award given this year, something I wanted done sooner but with being sick for the last several days and being behind on other projects, this is finally being published. But you know what they say, “save the best for last”. For that, we announce that our 2022 Factory of the Year is nonother than the powerhouse of MyFather Cigars S.A.

My Father Cigars is owned and operated by the famous Garcia family and is located in Esteli, Nicaragua. This is the factory that makes cigars under its own names such as MyFather, Jamie Garcia Reserva Especial, Flor de Las Antillas, Vegas Cubana, Don Pepin Garcia and Fonseca and more. In addition, it makes cigars for several other major brands including Ashton, Crowned Heads, and of course, Tatuaje.

Overall, MyFather performed especially well in 2022. Not only in its own brands but with other brands it produces. Tatuaje had a killer year with its T-110 Reserva reaching #3 on our list, the Tuxtla and Havana VI Verocu Blue and as always – the Monster series releases also receiving critical acclaim. For Crowned Heads, their signature annual release, Las Calaveras, also reached a spot on our list, is made at the factory as well. Ashton put all of their focus on the La Aroma de Cuba Pasion, a cigar we first saw in 2021 but that continued to ride a wave of success into 2022.

MyFather continued to show why they are a big-name factory that can take all the demand and still pump out consistency, quality, and diversity in their products. Congratulations to the Garcia family and everyone who is associated with them.

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