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2021 Smokin Tabacco Awards: Man of the Year – Michael Herklots

January 10, 2022 By Matthew Tabacco

When Altria made the announcement that it would be shutting down Nat Sherman International, the cigar division, many people were sad to see such a long standing iconic brand disappear. The closing of the legendary Nat Sherman Townhouse in New York as also a dark day. But another question was being asked; what is going to happen to Vice President Michael Herklots? Michael had been playing a major role at Nat Sherman since 2011 and was arguably its biggest face. Where would he go? Would he leave the industry? Maybe he will start his own company? Some doubted it, some waited for the announcement of Herklots Cigars.

On January 6th 2021, Michael Herklots and Brendan Scott announced the launch of a new brand that had also acquired the rights to the Nat Sherman brands such as “Timeless” and “Metropolitan”. This company is known as Ferio Tego, the motto of the Herklots family crest which literally means “I strike and I defend”. Part of the Herklots family coat of arms is what makes up the logo which is a depiction of Hercules beheading the Hydra.

Currently, Timeless and Ferio Tego cigars are sitting on store shelves and they got there in October of 2021. From the time Michael closed down the Nat Sherman Townhouse and NSI to where he is today was a very short window. He ended his time at Nat Sherman so gracefully and even they way he closed the company and townhouse were just so memorable. But then he turned the page and started a new chapter and hit the ground running. Add in that during the pandemic all of this happened, you could say that it has been one hell of a year for Michael Herklots.

Michael worked with factories such as Quesada and Plasencia to continue their production on all of the cigars and create the new Ferio Tego limited edition brands. He partnered with HumidifGroup to create a travel humidor/box to put those cigars in which by the way came out fantastic. He never gave up, sacrificed much of his personal life including money and family to make this dream happen. With his partner Brendan Scott by his side, he was determined to make this the best venture he could and he succeeded. Congratulations to Michael and Brendan on their success so far and I am excited to see how Ferio Tego continues to grow and evolve.

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